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Wildflower Honey

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From the makers, Happy Organics:

This sustainably harvested honey (miel) is a sweet, golden treat specially made by Happy Organics honeybees. It's great for cooking or baking and goes well with anything, especially tea, fruit smoothies, and your favorite breakfast.

This raw honey naturally contains floral essence, pollen, propolis, and wax, making it a superfood. Happy Organics does not heat, process or filter our honey, allowing the beneficial enzymes to remain present in the honey and maintain its medicinal benefits.

Why Happy Organics honey is not "certified" organic: The main reason is that bees are adventurers and often forage up to 3-5miles from their hives. Therefore, we have no control over where they get nectar and pollen. We strive to educate and inform about the importance of organic farming and the effects harsh chemicals have on our beautiful eco-system.

9 wt oz (6fl oz)

Happy Organics is a family-owned, small business based in California.

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