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Sencha Satsuki Tea

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 From our friends at Tekuno:

A deeply green tea reminiscent of summer adventures by the lake. This is our producer's most beloved sencha, with a savory profile characteristic of its famed growing region. Its silken texture makes this tea an elegant brew for Japanese tea connoisseurs.

Tekuno tea sachets are fully compostable, from the outer tea filter fabric to the interior box packaging. Sachets arrive packaged in our paper boxes—with design inspired by metabolic architecture and Japanese marumado—and may be recycled or repurposed for future use. Our tea sachets are produced in the United States and assembled in California.

  • Producer: Hoshinohien
  • Region: Fukuoka
  • Cultivar: Various
  • Notes: Rice puffs, razor clams
  • Harvest: May 2022
  • Quantity: 48g (12 servings)


Tekuno Teas is a women-owned, small business based in San Francisco, CA.

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