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Plants for the People

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Plants for the People aims to reinforce the ancient connection between the people and the plants in this modern day. Herbalism has long been with us in one form or another, through cultures spanning eons and locations, we are simply remembering our ways back to the depths of the green expanse, and the healing plants may offer us all. Plants for the People takes you on a journey to reconnect to the greatest source of all, the bounty of nature. As a modern medicine woman, Erin shares the story of her plant path and beyond. With a commentary on the current (often overcomplicated) climate of the wellness world, Erin offers a radical perspective of simplicity with the shared wisdoms throughout the book. If you are feeling the call to learn the remedies of nature, and the earthy path is enticing you in, Plants for the People is an offering to tune in and take action with approachability and practicality aplenty.

Herbalism is a truly tactile experience, in Plants for the People you will be guided through how to make medicinal teas, oil infusions, tinctures, oxymels, vinegars, syrups, elixirs, steams, poultices and much more. With a folk method centred approach, Erin demystifies plant medicine making for all to follow and enjoy the beneficial bounty of a home apothecary. Learn 40 common plants, their stories of past and modern use and how they may offer healing to you and yours. With a thorough outline of the plant parts indicated for use, energetics, actions, cautions, golden tips and more. Each plant is visually illustrated with a companion photograph, bringing the plant to life whilst aiding your identification skills.

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