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Aromatic Candle 4 oz.

  • $20.00

Oeste Candles are made using a coconut/soy wax blend, the finest essential and fragrance oils, and a clean burning cotton wick.
Free of preservatives, phthalates, lead, and paraffin.

Housed in a gold tin vessel. 

From our friends at Oeste:

AuroraA scent inspired by Guatemala, Aurora is an earthy, complex scent that blends cardamom (one of Guatemala's most popular crops), wet earth from the rainforests, and smoke from the volcanos that tower over the beautiful landscape.

Golden: A scent that celebrates the famed one of a kind light and magic found in California interpreted by notes of native citrus, smoked clove, and zesty ginger.

Luna: A scent to inspire calm and lull you to rest, Luna is a tribute to the moon and the sweet slumber she brings. As Luna's lavender notes promote relaxation, white sage clears the energy of your space, and eucalyptus inspires peace for both your mind and your physical space.

Templo: Inspired by ceremonies and sacred spaces, from ancient Maya temples to cathedrals of the New World, Templo is a rich aromatic experience composed of notes of smokey incense, cacao, citrus, and spices for a complex, mystical scent. 

Madre:  A scent inspired by my mother, Madre is a blend of botanicals that transport me to her beloved flower garden and invoke her kind, fun, loving spirit. Floral without being cloying sweet, Madre hums a beautiful melody through her notes of geranium, clary sage, and lavender.

 4 oz. | 113 g.
 Approximate Burn Time: 20+ hours
 Dimensions: 2.6” Dia x 2”H

As a sustainably-minded company, Oeste loves recycling and reusing. Please consider giving your Oeste candle a second life by repurposing your tin once you’ve burned through you candle. Simply wash out any remaining wax and the wick and you’ve got yourself a cute little container.

Oeste is a women-owned small business, based in Los Angeles.

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