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Mindful Morning Note Pad

  • $16.00

From our friends at Wilde House Paper:

An innovative journal pad intended to carve out space in your morning to pause and take inventory of your three homes: the Mind, the Body & the Soul. By writing a self affirmation, recording what you are inspired by, writing an intention for the day ahead and taking a moment for self, the Mindful Morning Pad heightens your awareness of self in just a few minutes and sets you up for a day lived to your fullest potential. Tear off your sheet in the morning and place it somewhere that you’ll return to later in the day to write a reflection – a true cycle of consciousness.

4" x 6"

 75 sheets. Printed on luxe recycled stock made from 30% post-consumer waste. Thick chipboard backing.

In an effort to bring mindfulness to your first moment of the day, the Mindful Morning Pad highlights the importance of connection with the home of the Mind. With lightly guided moments like self affirmation and inspiration notes to awaken your sense of consciousness, this pad elevates your connection with your mind by serving as a home to come to connect with the deepest parts of yourself.

Made in United States of America 

 Wilde House Paper is a small business based in San Luis Obispo, CA.

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