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Latte & Nibs Chocolate Bar - 55%

  • $12.00

From our friends at Tiny House Chocolate:

Only 4 Ingredients: Organic Cacao Beans, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Coconut Milk & Organic Arabica Coffee.

Tasting Notes: Coconut Caffè Latte

Source: Öko Caribe, Dominican Republic

Bean Type: Criollo, Nacional

About this bar

Caffè Latte or just Latte, the darling of coffee shops has arrived in the chocolate world. Latte & Nibs 55% is the first "milk" chocolate in our collection and brings together the deliciousness of the Arabica Coffee we already love, the creaminess of the coconut milk, and the crunch of lightly roasted cacao nibs. In every bite, you'll feel like you're at your favorite Café.

Tiny House Chocolate is a family-owned, small business based in Santa Cruz, CA.

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