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Fortune Teller

  • $14.00

From our friends at Red Horsehoe Paper:

Punch Cards or Punch Boxes have been around since the 1920s. This fun, on-the-go, quick game features a 3" x 4" cardboard tile with a honeycomb set of 50 holes.

Note: Not suggested for children. Includes language and content some may deem inappropriate.

Each hole has a rolled up scroll which in Rizzo’s Fortune Teller has a fortune or thought written on it. Think of it as a fortune cookie times fifty!

Each box comes with a rigid pin to push out the scrolls. The saying or fortunes are a collection of sweet thoughts offered up by baristas from various coffee shops in Portland, Oregon. This makes a fun little gift or an ice breaker.

Red Horseshoe is a studio based in Portland, Oregon.

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