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Ruthie the Rabbit Doll

  • $68.00

From the makers, Woolgrass Farm:

The perfect stuffed doll. Our soft and plush woolen dolls are handcrafted using 100% natural fibers sourced from American farms.  Each doll is stuffed with 100% natural wool. They're durable, safe and eco-friendly! Each heirloom quality doll is designed to be loved for generations.

Each doll is wearing a pair of denim overalls layered over a dainty floral print top and paired with a Liberty woodland handkerchief.  The dolls are always collecting treasures and the faux leather satchel is perfect for storing them. 

Handmade: Overlooking the open fields from the loft of her home, Camie makes each doll in her collection entirely by hand. Inspired by the authenticity of the Amish way, she creates her animals in a minimalist, simplistic style that lends an heirloom quality to each one.

  • Size: 16 inches tall
  • Materials: 100 % Australian Merino Wool, European linen, Organic Wool Filling from sheep in Pennsylvania
  • Care: Our doll collection is designed to be well loved. We know that your doll will get dirty from time to time. We recommend spot cleaning when necessary with a mild detergent. 

Woolgrass Farm is a women-owned small business, based in Eliot, ME.

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