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Designing with Dried Flowers

  • $27.99


Step into the world of beautiful, everlasting flowers with this book of thirty-two dried flower arrangements that can be made all year round.

Flowers are often fleetingly lovely, but a dried bouquet is a gift that can last. In 
Designing with Dried Flowers, you’ll find small arrangements for every day, beautiful wreaths for every season and occasion, and celebration showstoppers that will look gorgeous in the moment and for months to come.
Farmer-florist Hannah Muller of The Wreath Room at Full Belly Farm shares her unique methods to naturally dry flowers that hold their color and delicacy. Alongside the arrangements you’ll learn how to dry your own flowers, whether they’re from the supermarket or your garden.
From there, create one of the many unique arrangements in the book, and easily create new ones with the same flowers. With step-by-step instructions for every arrangement, gorgeous photography to inspire your creations, and helpful information along the way, 
Designing with Dried Flowers is a must-have for every flower lover.

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