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Exfoliating Woven Soap Bag

  • $10.00

Soap bag made from Neustanthus fiber (a vine that is a relative of the Kudzu vine). Great for exfoliating and for saving soap scraps. 

~3 x 4"

From the maker:


Rejuvenate your skin with exfoliating JungleVine® fiber. These delightful little bags are perfect to put a bar of soap in, rub it between your hands to create a rich lather, and then scrub with it. It has a wonderful exfoliating quality that will leave your skin glowing and feeling exuberant. JungleVine fiber is naturally anti-bacterial. The JungleVine Soap Bag will hold bar of soap. 

JungleVine Fiber comes from the plant Pueraria phaseloides, a relative of kudzu vine. JungleVine grows rapidly without any agricultural inputs -- no cultivation, irrigation, or chemicals. The indigenous Khmu people in northern Laos gather the vine stems, strip the pulp from the fibers, lay them out to dry in the sun, and then spin the fiber by hand. When harvesting the vine, they always leave enough of the plant behind so that it can re-grow rapidly

JungleVine Foundation works with indigenous communities in Laos, all products are handmade by artisans in small communities using sustainable methods. Based in Laos and Des Moines, IA.

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