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Tomato Caramel

  • $14.00

Savory + Sweet Tomato Spread

From the makers, Rhea Goods:

Buttery tomato. Summer’s sweetest heirloom tomatoes cooked slow and low for days and combined with coconut cream, brown sugar, salt and spices to create the perfect fine line between salty and sweet. It’s vegan caramel, an elevated savory dessert, a sweet glaze for ribs, a burger’s best friend – it’s all good things combined in one. 

Uses: Slathered on grilled cheese. Spooned onto flame kissed burgers. Dolloped on top of oat milk vanilla ice cream and drizzled with aged balsamic and a sprinkle of basil for a savory-sweet vegan ice cream sundae. Combined with a splash of vinegar and used base for barbeque sauce. Mixed with miso for what could be the best wings of all time. Licked off a spoon year-round, with gratitude for all that summer gave us.

Ingredients: Tomato Puree, Coconut Cream (coconut kernel extract, water), Light Brown Sugar, Lemon Juice, Vanilla Extract, (water, ethyl alcohol, glycerin, vanilla bean extractives), Salt.

Rhea Goods is a women-owned, small business based in Maine.

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