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Nanao Sumac Wax Candle

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Natural candles made entirely from plant materials

From the makers, Takazawa Candle:

NANAO is the name of the city, the heart of the glorious countryside in which we live. Because we are surrounded by the sea and mountains, it is easy to find places that take us closer to nature. 

The first candles in Japan were brought in from China in the 8th century and made from bees wax. Bees wax, as a material, was not familiar to our ancestors so they tried to make candles from the wax derived from plants. The sumac wax was soft and easy to form into the shape of a candle and so by the 16th century it had become the standard material for candle-making in Japan.

Our wick is made from plant-based materials such as dried rush and washi-paper, thus symbolising the beautiful relationship between our ancestors and nature.

The hollow core of the wick allows oxygen to be drawn up from the bottom so that the flame consumes more melted wax, thus increasing the combustion power and creating a powerful flame.

Candle has small hole in the bottom for candle stands, specifically fits in our iron candle holder.

ingredients: Sumac wax

Size: Approximately 4.5" tall

Takazawa Candle is a small business focused on traditional handmade techniques, based in Japan.

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