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Candle Holder / Crackle

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Dish for everyday rituals.
Velvet matte crackle glaze.

~4" Wide
Fits 7/8" taper candles

Designed to fit a 7/8" diameter taper candle. Each brand is sized slightly differently - If too loose, wrap a strip of aluminum foil around the candle and press into place OR heat the bottom of the candle with a lighter until the wax melts, press in and let cool before burning. If the fit is too tight, carefully shave off a little around the base then press into the center.


Hand wash.
Handmade - each piece may vary slightly.


Burning incense and candles can leave a residue on matte glazes. Most marking is easily removed with Bar Keepers FriendCampanelli's, or other food-safe soft scrub cleaners. To remove wax - pop in the freezer for an hour, scrape off larger pieces then soak in boiling water.

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