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Brass Pill Box

  • $30.00

Brass box for small treasures. Enscribed with "THIS" on the bottom

The top pushes open on a hinge to one large compartment. Made from 100% brass and finished with a beeswax and mineral oil cream (100% natural and food safe).

note - box has a loose fitting closure, may be best suited for at home use.

From the makers, THIS:

~1.75" x 1.375" x .625″
Made in India

Due to the handmade nature of these pieces, there may be marks of manufacture: crimping marks, tooling lines, solder joints, etc. This is intentional and intended to be perfectly imperfect.


Product Care:
This tin is made from 100% pure brass without faux, lacquer or chemical finishes. Due to being pure, the metal will naturally patina. If you choose to polish the piece back to a shiny finish: gently rub a mixture of a slightly abrasive material (salt, sugar, or baking soda) with an acidic liquid (lemon, lime, or tamarind paste). Commercial and industrial metal cleaners are not recommended for food-use items.

About the material:
Brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc. The antimicrobial properties of brass have been known for centuries, commonly used for doorknobs and push plates and just about anything frequently touched by the masses. Brass is food safe for non-acidic foods.

THIS is a small-batch, handcrafted business based in Brooklyn, NY.

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