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Short Bolga Laundry Basket

  • $80.00
  • $120.00

Handwoven grass baskets with handles. Great for laundry, holding planters, and organization. 

Lightweight and durable. Each basket is meant to nest into each other. Each is unique in color and shape, but can be reshaped easily when damp.

From our friends at Woven Worldwide:

All of our Woven Baskets are made by a group of single weaving male Artisans in our design workshop in Accra, Ghana, who have learned this skillset from community figures during their childhood.


Keep your basket away from excessive sunlight to avoid easy color fade or weakening of strength of grass used in making the basket. If you receive your basket and it is not in its original shape, run under some water to get it wet and reshape with hands and hang in the open to dry.


  • Small- 13 inches wide by 8 inches tall
  • Medium- 15 inches wide by 10 inches tall
  • Large- 17 inches wide by 11 inches tall

Made in Ghana

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