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Algae Cooking Oil

  • $26.00

From our friends at Algae Cooking Club:

This is an extra-versatile, chef-grade cooking oil enhanced by earth’s original superfood, algae. It's neutral, light yet lil’ buttery essence elevates the flavors of what your're cooking and has more good Omega-9 fats than olive or avocado oil. First bottled for the world's best chefs, it's now available for anyone to put to the test.

Algae oil has the highest concentration of flavor-carrying, monounsatured fats, has the highest smoke point of 535 degrees, and has the lowest level of Omega 6 fats which are believed to cause inflammation and the lowest planet impact. With algae oil you can achieve the crispiest yet fluffiest potatoes, ultimate soft scrambled eggs, and steakhouse-worthy mushroom steaks. Not to mention it works great in dressings, dips and condiments - for flavor and texture enhancing good fat goodness.

Amplifies Flavors: Light and slightly buttery, this is the chef-preferred oil that enhances flavors unlike Olive and Avocado oil which overpower flavors.

Highest Good Fats: More healthy Omega-9 Monounsaturated fats and 75% less saturated fat compared to Avocado and Olive Oil.

Highest Smoke Point: 535°F, +125° more than Olive Oil. High heat unlocks tasty textures; creamy, crunchy, fluffy, flaky, tender.

Lowest Omega-6: The lowest level of Omega-6 fat among most common oils, a fat linked to gut inflammation.

Lowest Impact: 1/10th land and water usage of Vegetable Oil and 1/2 the carbon footprint of Avocado Oil.


Ingredients: Algae Oil, Mixed Tocopherols

Algae Cooking Club is based in Los Angeles, CA.

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