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Nail Polish

  • $18.00

From our friends at Death Valley Nails:

10-free. Vegan. Cruelty-free. Nontoxic.

We suggest using a base coat and 2-3 coats of polish followed by a top coat.

Regular Polish:

  • Desert Willow: Light Violet Purple With A Pink Shift.
  • Doom and Gloom: Grey With Red Undertones And A Subtle Copper Shift.
  • Dreamsicle: Pearly Sherbert Orange With Pink Shimmer.
  • Flint Wishing It Was Fluorite: The color created when flint rock and fluorite stone are mixed together.
  • Fox Sparrow: Flesh Pink.
  • Kissin' Kate's Rattlesnake Venom: Earth Red With Pink Undertones.
  • Love Is A Dog From Hell: Scarlet Red.
  • Maneater: Chunky Holo And Chrome Glitter With Gold/Bronze Multichrome Base.
  • Marlboro Country: Neon Jelly Pink
  • The Lonely Hearts Club: Blush Pink
  • Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker: Muddy Toad Green

Dust To Dust Collection: 

We break down these pigments by hand with a mortar and pestle. This polish is sheer but builds up beautifully. It will have texture as well as larger pieces of pigment present in the polish finish. Each batch will have slight color variations as we use different parts of the source material. This polish contains a small amount of earth mica to enhance the natural color.

Naturally, larger particles will stick to the bottom and sides of the bottle and not suspend in the polish base.

  • Amethyst: Amethyst Foraged From Unaweep Canyon, Colorado.
  • Cornflowers: From Our Home Garden. 
  • Green Opal: Green Opal Stone Foraged From Winnemucca, Nevada.
  • Moonstone: Moonstone Foraged From Rabb Canyon, New Mexico. 
  • Pink Tellin Seashells: Tellin Seashells from Marco Island, Florida. 
  • Wildflowers: From A Meadow In Texas.

Specialty Polish:

  • Night Sweats: Thermal polish that shifts from black to purple with blue and teal iridescent glitter. This thermal polish changes at 75.0° F. Black = Cold. Purple = Hot.
  • Cruella De Tejas: Thermal polish with purple, red, and pink shifting micro-chrome specks. This thermal polish changes at 88° F. Dark Pink = Cold. Red = Medium. Light Pink = Hot.
  • Suddenly: Thermal polish changes at 88° F and has light pink shimmer and micro-holo glitter. Orange = Cold. Sheer = Hot.
    • Care: Thermal polish will actively transition for up to two years if kept in a dark and cool environment. Once the polish is not able to transition anymore the color will remain in either the hot or the cold state.
  • The Vampires Wife: Red/Orange/Yellow/Black Multichrome Shift.
  • Star Smut: Sheer Multichrome That Shifts Teal, Blue, Pink With Micro Gold Glitter Specks.
  • Gris-Gris of the Bog: Glow polish. Ethereal Purple With Silver Flakes. Glows Green.  Can be used as a glow in the dark topper or worn on its own. Shake bottle thoroughly before applying. Activated by natural sunlight or UV blacklight only.
  • Rhododendron: Photochromatic polish with a strong emerald shift and subtle scattered holo. This polish is activated only by sunshine, not temperature like our thermal polish. In the shade this polish is translucent. In the sun this polish shifts to violet.   Translucent = Shade. Violet = Sunshine. 
    • Care: Photochromatic polish will actively transition for up to two years if kept in a dark and cool environment.

Death Valley Nails is a small business based in Austin, TX.

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