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The Star Necklace

  • $350.00

"The star appears after the darkness.
After a period of difficulty, disconnection,
the star brings assurance and comfort, light in a moonless sky,
the promise that it will be ok.
Stars were navigation tools of the old world - 
here, the star beams confidence and trust in your inner map,
a drawing back to yourself after feeling lost,
a return to trust and optimism.
A flow of abundance is not material:
the star speaks of depth in the inner world.
A bright peace, knowingness, feeling renewed enough to begin
thinking about generosity.
May you pour from a full cup, may you know your direction within."
- Mesquite Tarot

The Earthen logo - translated into a necklace!
This necklace was lovingly molded from our clay stamp and cast in gold plated brass on a 18" gold filled chain or solid 14K gold with a solid gold chain.

May it bring you strength, creativity, and abundance.


The Star Tarot
The star tarot shows a woman kneeling by the river. In her hands she pours from two ceramic vessels, nourishing the earth and continuing the cycle of growth and abundance.

She kneels with one foot on the ground, representing her practicality and common sense, and the other foot in the water, symbolizing her intuition. Behind her shines one bright star.

The Star signifies creativity and inspiration, bringing hope and inner strength. It shows the abundance of your blessings. Remember that you hold within you all that you need for your fulfillment - the only thing that you need is courage. 

CARE: Most metals will naturally patina over time, however, there are measures you can take to prolong the life of your jewelry. We recommend removing all jewelry prior to showering, swimming, cleaning, or applying lotions or oils. If your jewelry begins to appear a dull or darkened, it can be gently polished with a soft jewelry cloth like Sunshine, with a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner, or a natural dish soap and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Storing in an air-tight container will prolong the life of your jewelry, and protect it from environmental tarnish. 

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