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Salsa Macha

  • $28.00

From our friends at Tienda Salsita:

This is an oil-based salsa comprised of roasted nuts, seeds, dried tamarind, and two kinds of chiles. The salsa is made using chile guajillo for flavor and chile morita for spice.

It is not spicy but has some warm heat from the chile morita.  Originating in the state of Vera Cruz. This salsa can be used as a marinade for chicken, fish, or vegetables. Delicious on avocado toast.

Ingredients: Olive oil, chiles, tamarind, garlic, almonds, pepitas, sesame seeds, vinegar, mexican oregano, salt 7.75 oz.

Handmade in small batches.

This salsa will last months. Refrigerate after opening to keep longer- this oil based salsa will coagulate when cold. I leave my salsa out on the counter because I use it so often. The olive oil should help to preserve the salsa. 

Tienda Salsita is a women-owned, small business based in Healdsburg, CA.

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