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Miniature Beeswax Hanukkah Menorah

  • $20.00

From our friends at Mile End Soap & Candle:

Hanukkah candles and menorah all in one!

~6" tall with a base of about 1"

Celebrate the final day of Hanukkah with this unique candelabra. It has a twisty base and 9 branches. Mile-End candles are hand-dipped in pure beeswax (cotton wicks), and formed and twisted by my own hands. No pouring, no molds, no rolled sheets. Each is unique. These candles are made to burn. But please, never leave a burning candle unattended.

Nurtured in the creative cradle of Mile-End in Montreal, Sheryl Shore has been dipping candles and crafting soap since 2000. Each candle is individually hand dipped and sculpted out of pure, local bee’s wax.

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