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Mini Stone Molcajete

  • $24.00

Perfect for grinding small spices.

Material: Volcanic Stone
6 cm. // 300 g
Handmade in Mexico

Please allow for slight natural variation in stone color and size.

FIRST USE: PREPARATION AND SEASONING. 1. Firmly wash the utensil inside and outside using brush or sponge with hot water and soap. allow to dry completely at environment. 2. Praise a small ration of raw white rice and thick salt to get a fine dust. Do it by rotating the utensil onto the base as applying force to the mallet and the walls. Seek to reach all the interior surface so that the pore of the stone is covered and soft surface of the mortar and the mallet. 3. Wash using only water and leave drying.

MAINTENANCE: WASHING AND STORAGE. Always wash using only hot water and brush. Avoid using soap and detergents. Dry with a paper towel before storage.

 Utilitario Mexicano is a partnership of Libia Moreno and Enrique Arellano, dedicated to searching, choosing and selecting Mexican objects: how many there are, who makes them, what are their middle and small traders. A tireless work of street curators devoted to dust off artifacts from yesteryear and forever.

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