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Heart of the Forest / Reishi + Rose Tonic Tea

  • $18.00

From the makers, The New New Age:
This delightful, full-bodied, rosy tea features the adaptogenic Mushroom of Immortality, Reishi. Prized for millennia as a superior adaptogen, Heart of the Forest is our all time favourite anti-stress tonic.

Tasting/Sensory Notes:
Rose garden, tannic, calming deep forest energy

Reishi, rose petals

All ingredients are either permaculturally grown, ethically wildcrafted or certified organic.

The New New Age is a family-owned business based in Canada. To date, they have restored over 50 acres of farm land to native Carolinian habitat with an emphasis on edible and medicinal plant species. They've planted of 30,000 trees and established wetlands and tall grass pollinator habitat.

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