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Single Origin: India Chocolate Bar - 67%

  • $10.00

From our friends at Tiny House Chocolate:

Ingredients: Cacao Beans & Organic Cane Sugar

Tasting Notes: Dried Fruits & Nuts

About this bar:

The first time we tried this raw Indian cacao, a floral rose flavor surprised our taste buds. Floral is the most subtle, volatile and difficult note to maintain when roasting cacao beans, so we experimented with different roasting profiles until we found one capable of keeping all the uniqueness of these beans. We believe that the floral tones have been delicately maintained, and we also find flavors of dried fruits and nuts composing this lightly roasted chocolate bar.

India 67% is part of our single-origin collection with beans from different parts of our Planet Earth.

Only 2 ingredients: Cacao Beans & Organic Cane Sugar

Source: Anamalai, India

Bean Type: Forastero, Criollo

Tiny House Chocolate is a family-owned, small business based in Santa Cruz, CA.

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