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Mulberry Jam

  • $30.00

Limited Edition Mulberry Jam "A Mulberry Saved My Life"

From our friends at Even Odd Studio: 

Created in collaboration with the Kiarostami Foundation, this small-batch 8oz mulberry jam is inspired by an unforgettable scene in the 1997 Palme d’Or winning film, “Taste of Cherry” and representative of all that is sweet in life.

The jam is made by award winning Iranian jam maker Sabā Jam with locally sourced, organic mulberries. The screen printed jar features custom farsi lettering by Ghazal Farroutan and made to be beautiful for re-use.

Ingredients: Mulberries, Plums, Sugar, Lemon Juice (all ingredients are organic)
Even Odd Studio is a small business based in San Francisco + Los Angeles, CA.
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