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Floral Dukkah Seasoning

  • $24.00

From our friends at Ami Ami:

An aromatic blend of pistachio, rose, walnut, sesame, coconut and cardamom. Sprinkle it generously on all your faves! Smoothies, pancakes, ice cream, yogurt, baked goods and anything else your heart desires.

How to use:

1. Give it a lil' shake
2. Sprinkle generously
3. Eat on everything!

Wow your taste buds and your friends by adding Ami Ami to any dish. It's so addictive you might even find yourself eating it straight out of the jar.

Ingredients:  pistachios, walnuts, dried coconut, sesame seeds, rose petals, cardamom, sea salt and rose oil

Contains: Coconut, Sesame, and Tree nuts

Ami Ami is a women-owned small business based in Portland, OR.

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