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From the makers, Pineapple Collaborative:

The Apple Cider Vinegar (a.k.a. The ACV) is crafted in collaboration with farmer and producer Joanne Krueger, using organic Gravenstein, Red Rome Beauty, Golden Delicious, and Pink Pearl apples hand-harvested from her orchard, Little Apple Treats.

The ACV has 50% more vinegar than other specialty brands on the market.

Like a good wine, apple cider vinegar will age nicely. Each bottle of The ACV comes with live a vinegar mother: probiotic-rich strands of protein that signal a healthy, delicious, and high-quality vinegar. It’s not harmful at all, but you can slow the growth by storing in the fridge. Otherwise, store your bottle in a cool dry pantry.

Enjoy with five spice marinades, mustard-y dressings, seasonal shrubs, fire cider, and, yes, even baked goods!

Comes in a 400ml (13.5oz) glass bottle.

 Pineapple Collaborative is a women-owned business based in California.

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