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Ebb Reusable Coffee Filter

  • $16.00
  • $20.00

From our friends at GDS Cloth Goods:

A cloth filter that brews delicious quality coffee using organic cotton sourced straight from US farms.  Every Ebb filter is crafted by farmers, millers, weavers, cutters, and sewers in the US.

One filter lasts for 90-120 uses, that's 3-4 months for daily drinkers - and about a year for weekend coffee drinkers.

To clean it, rinse your filter in warm water, without soap. After you clean it, place your wet filter somewhere sunny or with good air flow to dry. 

  • made from US-grown organic cotton

  • woven in South Carolina

  • sewn in Oakland, CA

  • recycled, recyclable and biodegradable packaging

  • easy wash and care instructions

  • comes with brew guide

  • 1 ebb = 100 paper filters


    • no.2 - smaller no 2 coffee filter
    • no.4 - larger no 4 coffee filter, makes larger and multiple cups of coffee
    • Chemex -  designed to fit the 6-10 cup brewers. The flap holds the filter propped high, keeping it from drooping down and blocking your flow

    Here are our tips for keeping your Ebb reusable filter fresh and clean:

    1. Grind your coffee to the coarseness of kosher salt. Grinding it too finely will clog the fabric.

    2. Rinse your filter within 30 minutes after brewing to prevent unwanted growth.

    3. Clean thoroughly after each use to prevent coffee solids from accumulating over time.

    Keep in mind that your Ebb filter will naturally change with time. It will pour more quickly when it's new, hit a sweet spot around middle-age, and start to drip more slowly toward the end of its lifecycle. Once your filter has reached this point, it’s time to compost and replace.

    GDS Cloth Goods is a women-owned business based in Oakland, CA.

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